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When you can’t use your shower, bathtub, or your kitchen or bathroom sink, you want a solution...and fast! The good news is you can take care of these problems on your own, because every clogged drain has a solution...a solution you’re more than capable of handling on your own!

Bathroom bummers

If the problem is a clogged drain in the bathroom (and your family has hair), the most likely culprit In which case Drano® Bathroom Max Gel is the best solution. Simply pour it right on the standing water over a slow-running or clogged drain, let it work its magic, and pat yourself on the back, because that hairy problem is history.

Kitchen culprits

If the problem is in the kitchen sink drain, there’s no need to throw everything but the kitchen sink at it! There’s a good chance your clog is grease-based. If your kitchen sink is clogged use Drano® Kitchen Max Gel. To help prevent future clogged sinks try Drano® Kitchen Crystals both are designed for greasy kitchen clogs.

Clogs happen but with Drano®, you and your drain are unstoppable.

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